We're here for the officers who are here for you.

K9s United is committed to supporting and honoring K9 law enforcement officers who detect, protect and serve our communities by giving them the best equipment, amenities, and quality of life during and after their service, and memorializing those who give the ultimate sacrifice.

Due to budgetary constraints, many law enforcement agencies don't have the funding to provide the K9 Units the resources they need. It is not only vital that K9s receive the proper training, equipment, and care to do the best possible job, but they deserve it. With our vision to support, honor, strengthen, and provide, K9s United will continue until every law enforcement K9 in need is served.

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How we provide Support

One of the major needs of K9s and their units are the products and services it takes to have a K9 ready and able to serve and protect. When called upon, K9s United will assist law enforcement departments that need for their K9s to be on top of their game, to be safe and healthy.


First Aid Emergency Kits

The first aid kits we help provide offer the necessary tools to address the major traumatic injuries common to K9s operating in law enforcement environments.


Training/Active Equipment

If you have ever owned a dog, you know the cost involved to train and provide for your dog. Law enforcement K9s require some of the same equipment, such as harnesses, leads, and chew toys. They also are in need of specialized items like bite sleeves, bite suits, and muzzles.


K9 Health Expenses

Law Enforcement K9s are at high risk for injury. Sometimes these injuries are severe and require expensive care or surgery. This medical care can be a heavy burden, especially in these tough economic times. We will help assure these expenses are taken care of.


Advanced Training

Seminars and courses are available for agencies who want to provide their K-9 Units with top training, by utilizing proven, real world techniques in patrol, tracking, area search, building search, detection, obedience and problem solving


After a hard day at work, the K9s go to their kennel where they eat and get the much-needed rest they will need for their next shift. We will help provide the necessary means to assure our K9s have the space they need to feel at home.


Heat Alarms/Door Poppers

These tools monitor and alert high heat vehicle cabin temperatures AND include a door popper system which will enable the K9 to exit the vehicle automatically in the event the officer is unable to respond in time. It is our goal to assure EVERY K9 has this life-saving device.

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Our Core Values:


Respecting the K9s, the handlers, the individual law enforcement departments and the communities they work in is our core belief. They work hard every day to keep us safe, and we honor that dedication as much as they do.


Just like our K9 counterparts, we always have their backs.  We support law enforcement K9 Units in any way we can, through persistent fundraising and ongoing initiatives whenever our help is needed.


We believe that sharing our knowledge of how K9 units work, what they truly need (and what they don’t), and how they protect us allows us to get the dogs what they need in the ways they need it.


We work alongside we work alongside law enforcement departments and communities as a united front, not as a lone authority. Through education, we build a network of partners and supporters to help ensure K9 units across America are best-taken care of.


About Our Founder, Debbie Johnson

Debbie Johnson founded K9s United in 2015. After hearing of the tragic death of Baron—a local K9 officer—she felt moved to attend the funeral and consequently help in any way she could. Upon meeting with the Sergeant of the St. John’s County Sheriff’s office, she enrolled herself in the Civilian Law Enforcement Academy, wanting to immerse herself fully.

It was during the ride-along, and several subsequent meetings at the Sheriff’s office, that Debbie learned of budgetary needs not being met by allocated funding. She initially thought to put on a charity golf tournament, but wanted to ensure that all money raised would go directly to the K9 units—whose handlers and K9s risk their lives keeping their communities safe. When this couldn’t be guaranteed she requested units send her their lists of needs and she would tackle them one-by-one, purchasing whatever was needed and donating it to the unit. It was that June the 501c3 non-profit K9s United was born.

The goal of K9s United is to help supplement what’s not being met due to budget constraints in K9 Unit funding. Each agency is different in their needs, but K9 Units across the US have the same budget constraints, and there are always needs.


Agencies will reach out to K9s United with a list of their needs by priority. K9s United works with the agencies to identify their vendors, establish a relationship with that vendor and negotiate a discount. Purchases are then made and donated directly to the unit. The funds raised do not go to the department or law enforcement agency, they are strictly used to purchase the equipment/needs and then delivered to the K9 unit.

In addition to providing the needs that are not being met, K9s United also commissions artist Damon Jennings to paint an 18x24 canvas portrait. It is sent to every fallen K9 across the United States since Baron’s death.

K9s United’s vision is a world where every K9 officer has everything they need to survive and thrive as the selfless heroes they truly are.

Remembering Baron's sacrifice


With the tragic death of K9 Baron being our inspiration for K9s United, it is only fitting that we HONOR the K9s that have given the ultimate sacrifice. When we learn of a K9s "End of Watch," one of the first things we do is reach out to the K9 Unit associated with the K9 and offer our condolences.

Through a partnered artist, we will have a sketch rendering of the K9 commissioned, offer a portrait of the K9 to the handler or Unit, and then place the K9 on our Tribute Wall to be honored and never forgotten.

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